For you and your pet:

Nose Prints

Unique - one of a kind Pet Pendant or Tag of a nose print.

Tags are available in 14 kt gold, white gold, sterling silver or solid chrome.

We will provide you with a kit including instructions
and materials for you to take the impression.

Each Pendant or Tag is personalized with your
pet's name and owner's phone number
or a personal message of your choosing.

Wear the nose print as a cherished pendant, or as your pet's identification tag,
or get two prints one for you and one for your pet!


"I have been a fan of Robin's Loving Touch TM pendants for over 5 years. The fingerprint pendants she has created of my family and our dog's noseprints will be cherished forever.
The excellent quality of the work and high integrity of her business has been impressive.

I encourage others to preserve their loved ones touch like I have."
Jack Hanna

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Nose Print Pendants in this
recent magazine article.

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Nose Print Pendants, Charms and or Id tags

Allow me to capture your pet’s nose print. These pendants will enable you to keep your best friend’s “touch” forever close to your heart. I will create for you their special “Loving Touch” in the timeless elegance of solid 14kt yellow or white gold, the enduring beauty of sterling silver and even chrome.

These pendants are of your pet’s actual nose prints. Nose prints are used for identification on our pets just as fingerprints are for people.
A nose print on a dog or cat is just as unique and individual as a fingerprint on a person. No two are ever alike.

If you choose to wear your pet’s print, I will be happy to engrave on the back, a personal inscription of your choosing. I generally create these pendants to be worn either in solid gold or silver.

A question I am often asked is if I am able to make these from a dog that has a really large nose? The answer is yes. I do not use the entire “nose” for the pendant. I use the top center area of the nose to design the pendant.
The opposite is true for those dogs with small noses. For these I will usually use the entire nose for the pendant.

You may also choose to spruce up your pet’s collar by having them wear their very own nose print pendant. How classy your pet will look wearing a solid gold or sterling ID tag.

I do recommend your pet wearing a chrome tag if they spend lots of time outdoors. Chrome pendants are also great if worn on a key chain, as chrome will take abuse if given.

I have two dogs that wear their nose print pendant as a tag. Their names and our phone numbers are engraved on the back side of each pendant. These are great conversation starters as well as really unique dogs tags!

To have a pendant, charm or pet tag created, simple contact me and I will send to you a very user-friendly kit. This kit will have easy to follow instructions as to how you will take your pet’s nose print impression. This is a very easy process, not difficult at all.
I hear many comments that they do not think that their pet will stay still long enough for an impression to be taken. Believe me when I tell you that you can take these necessary impressions in just a few minutes. The impression will only be on the pet’s nose for truly one or 2 seconds.
I am also asked if the material is safe or if it will stain the pet’s fur. The answer is that the material I use for the impressions is absolutely safe. This is a non-toxic and also a non-staining material.

If you have a cat and would like to have a pendant made, no problem. These turn out really nice, just a bit smaller!

I am also able to design a “Unity” pendant for you. This is a pendant that I can have your fingerprint pendant on one side of the pendant and your pet’s pendant on the reverse side. If you choose this type of pendant I do recommend only having a first name engraved on each side as the engraving does go right on the print. Not to worry as this does not take away from the beauty of the prints.

Many people ask if I am able to create a “Unity” pendant with two pets. At this time I have to say no. The reason is because I have not been happy with the look of these yet. This isn’t to say I have given up on these yet, only that I have yet to perfect the look!

For the past two years, I have had the honor to attend and participate in the National Euckanuba Dog Show. I have taken many impressions of some unbelievably outstanding dogs. Every dog participating in the Euckanuba show is already a champion. Owners and handlers both are anxious to wear their show dogs nose print pendant, and do so with pride.
I would like to acknowledge my mom, Barbara Krotts, who has had the honor of having one of her dogs win best of breed for two years in a row. Her champion dog, Bruiser is a West Highland White Terrier. Bruiser is now enjoying the wonderful like of retirement!

If you are a Veterinary office and interested in offering these to your patients families, please contact me for additional information. Your staff and patients will be very grateful if you do.

When wearing a nose print pendant, you will be sure to have lots of wonderful comments from everyone who sees it. This is your chance to show and tell others all about your best friend and beloved pet.

Just as with my “Loving Touch” fingerprint pendants, I take great pride in each pendant I design. I do so one at a time making sure that every detail is absolutely wonderful. I am able to create as many as you would like at any time as safely store all original impressions.
I hope you will allow me to capture your pet’s nose print in a beautiful pendant or ID tag. You are sure to treasure these always. They may have cold noses, but they sure have warm hearts!


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