Loving Touch
fingerprint pendants or charms of your loved ones “touch”.

Loving Touch “A pendant or charm of one’s personal identity symbolizing the
Unique Pattern Of Life which has no end….”

Treasured family heirlooms that will last a lifetime and more!

An emotion to be worn!

The Fingerprint-
An icon of one’s identity created for you through our custom design process.

Your loved one’s “Touch” is sure to become your most treasured possession. You will forever feel their love and closeness as you wear their “Touch” close to your heart.

Capture this unique characteristic keepsake of a loved one in the timeless elegance of solid 14kt yellow or white gold, the enduring beauty of silver, and also chrome.

Preserve the “touch” of your new baby, children, fiancé’, spouse, parents, grandparents, friends, or anyone you hold dear.

Personalize each “touch” with their name and birth date or personal message of your choice.

A “Unity” pendant is a double-sided pendant bonding two fingerprints into one treasured heirloom.

This is a great way to capture your parents, grandparents, children, etc.
For engraving on these “Unity” pendants, I recommend using only a few letters if possible. A first name or initials are normally usually for these. The engraving is done on top of each of the fingerprints. This does not take away from the beauty of their prints in any way!

I have designed many “unity” pendants for couples getting married. The day of their wedding, they present these pendants to each of their mothers. The “Unity” pendant has bonded not only the newly married couple but also two families together forever. The perfect, personal and everlasting gift!

When you purchase a “Loving Touch”, you will receive a user-friendly kit. This kit will be used to capture the fingerprint impressions needed to design your unique fingerprint or charm.

Occasions and gift ideas:
New baby, Mother or Father’s day, Wedding or baby showers, Valentine’s Day, Anniversary’s, Birthdays, That special someone, Leaving home (college or military), Ageing, Seriously ill, Holidays, or just Because…

Chrome pendants or charms are great to use on a key ring, as a golf ball marker and even as a name tag of your pets nose print. (See nose prints)

All impressions are safely kept, allowing additional pendants or charms to be ordered at any time.

Dividers are available if more than one pendant will be worn at the same time.

For each pendant ordered, I will include an 18” chain. These will be either solid gold or silver. I prefer to use either a snake chain or box link chain as these will not kink or become thin with normal wear.

By giving the gift of your “touch” to your children, they will forever feel your love and presence.

Wearing your children’s “touch” will assure them of your love and desire to always keep them close to your heart.

I do have people ask if this can be used for identification. Absolutely! These are not distorted or changed in any way. My pendants are exact in size and detail!

Show that special someone in your life how much they are cherished by giving them your”touch” of love.

“ I feel very fortunate to wear the “Unity” pendant of my parents along with single pendants of my husband, two daughters and two grandkids. These have become my most treasured possessions! I can feel their presence as I wear their “Touch” close me my heart, now and forever.
My “Loving Touch” pendants are an everlasting symbol of love, truly a gift from the heart.”


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